Roy Downham Hall (RDH)

Machine Type Status Time Remaining Notification
01-RDH-Washer 7 Washer Available    
02-RDH-Washer 8 Washer Available    
03-RDH-Washer 9 Washer End of cycle    
04-RDH-Washer 10 Washer Available    
05-RDH-Washer 11 Washer Available    
06-RDH-Washer 12 Washer Available    
07-RDH-Dryer 1 Dryer Available    
08-RDH-Dryer 2 Dryer Not online    
09-RDH-Dryer 3 Dryer Available    
10-RDH-Dryer 4 Dryer Available    
11-RDH-Dryer 5 Dryer Available    
12-RDH-Dryer 6 Dryer Available    
Email: Notify me when there are washers and dryers available.

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